Replacement Laptop Battery for TOSHIBA Satellite A200 series

Beginning last year, Lenovo laptops have been frequent complaints about battery problems encountered, the display according to the complaint 315 consumer complaints, in which more than 80% of the complaints are for Lenovo laptop battery problems questioned.Satellite A200 Battery

Lenovo frequent complaints was less than two years battery life

Ms. Pan in consumer complaints in the show, which in December 29, 2009 to buy a Lenovo Y450-T6600 notebook computer, a host 2-year warranty, batteries and other accessories year warranty. According to Ms. Pan description, just bought a laptop, life time of more than two hours, but after several months of use, battery life becomes more than one hour, one year life time of less than an hour, this is the Use the battery without opening the case of audio.

In addition, more than two months after Ms. Poon buy laptop battery depletion rate which reached 18 per cent. Now after a year, the loss rate has reached 67%, and for no reason shut down phenomenon in the case of a fully charged battery from time to time. System suggested that "there is a problem on your battery, so it may cause your computer to suddenly shut down, consider replacing the battery."

Here, Ms. Poon calculations. In general, the life of an 8-cell lithium battery is charging about 800-1200 times, the quality of this figure is lower than the battery have a problem. And twice a year, even if one day electric charge, it is difficult to achieve 800 times the frequency of use, it has believed that a laptop's battery life only a few a year, this is indeed unacceptable.M1530 battery

In fact, Ms. Pan's experience is not the case. Nanchang Mr. Yuan has found his Lenovo laptop use less than five minutes, there is no electricity. Yuen hope that Lenovo will be returned to the laptop.

Yuen Lenovo Y450 notebook in June 2009 to buy, use less than two years, the situation suddenly empty battery often. Mr Yuen said that long ago, he unplug the external power source when the battery is fully charged, the laptop running only five minutes. He said that even if the notebook transferred to the power saving mode, do not run any programs, in the case of standby can only insist 10 minutes.


Power has shrunk with the computer motherboard is also relevant

It is understood that the laptop battery case can not occur in normal use for several reasons: first, the problem may be the battery itself, such as internal aging, poor contact; the other may be a notebook computer motherboards and other hardware aging, causing the battery to discharge electricity. A professional website reminder, in the case of using an external power supply, it is best not to put the battery inserted in the computer; do not let the battery overload, full charge after use; regular cleaning of the battery connector.Presario CQ60 battery

Afterward, the reporter Search About Lenovo laptop battery news on Baidu, found quite a lot of complaints related to, and even led to a Legend "battery door" problem.

Reporters found that the Lenovo laptop complaint mainly Y430, Y450, V450, G430 and so on several models, while sales of these types of models in all Lenovo laptops are also doing well, so that the relevant parties, "which several notebook sales particularly large, there are a few complaints in this regard is also normal, can only be the case, it does not prove the existence of quality defects of the battery. "

The party also said that the battery is likely to shrink and the user's habits. For example, some users often do not pull the power supply, a charge that is a habit overnight, etc., are likely to cause TV shortened life expectancy.
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Microblogging sound

R-FISH: around two Lenovo laptops in two years, the battery can only use 10 to 15 minutes, called handy?

Mr_Lu Czech Republic: evil Lenovo notebook ah, the battery just after the warranty on the bad ah, after not buy Lenovo ah ah ah!

Yu Zheng: Lenovo laptop battery is getting worse, buy a new one, it has also insisted only one hour!

Fatty Shenzhen Air AT: 1 and a half years with the Lenovo laptop battery should be completely abolished, charged are less than 5 minutes to buy 500 new ocean.

Liu Yung shore: exposure at Lenovo notebook, bought a year and a half, just put home with. Replaced the hard drive, replaced the display, the battery must be connected to the power supply, and a pulled no electricity - so terrible, the main components are in such a way.593554-001





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