identify the toshiba laptop batteries

Secondly, we want based on price and brand authenticity of its flexibility to identify the toshiba laptop batteries. Counterfeit batteries available in the market one is counterfeit by ordinary batteries, in order to attract consumers, prices are generally lower than the normal price, most can not charge or charge only a few electricity. Such counterfeit battery identification method is very simple, just use a multimeter to test whether the voltage of 1.5V can be, but the real rechargeable battery is a 1.2V. Such batteries prone to stall or irregular in a small shop, not only can not be charged, and a lot of shoddy products in the consumer's knowledge of the situation, explosions and other dangerous conditions. So, buy the COMPAQ batterie Presario CQ42or on the regular stores to buy more at ease.

Another is the general quality of domestic battery counterfeit imported batteries. Such counterfeit packaging and work a little more rough than the imported goods, the price is a little cheap points. However, with increased awareness of consumers against false, counterfeit goods in the process has also been strengthened, a great momentumBatterie Inspiron N7010 comparable with the real thing, but the quality is not always catch up with the others real brand, many small manufacturers of batteries there security risks. As a result, its flowers are not low price to buy a replica of imported goods, not as a direct purchase of domestic authentic, at least safe, and the quality is not inferior to imported batteries. How to identify the authenticity of the laptop batteries?

Rechargeable battery authenticity of identification:

First, we want a general understanding of the battery capacity and type. Currently on the market for rechargeable batteries of different capacities, the length of time is not a charge. Such as common AA batteries (AA type), there are seven types available in the market, respectively, 500MAH, 600MAH, 700MAH, 800MAH, 850MAH, 1000MAH and 1200MAH. They are the same size and shape, the difference lies in the different capacity. For ease of use, it is best to buy more bigger capacity battery. As a general player, the use of battery power can be used 500MAH up to 3 hours, and the battery power can be used instead 1000MAH 5 to 6 hours.

At present, the main commercially available rechargeable batteries are nickel hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries, which have better charge-discharge performance, no memory, storing energy, the charging time is short advantages.
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