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Buy cell phone batteries remember "five do not." With the growing popularity of smart phones, more and more rich phone functions will necessarily increase the phone's power consumption, a cell phone to configure two or even three batteries are already a widespread phenomenon. Thus, a huge cell phone battery industry has been formed. However, the relevant provisions of the standardized development of the industry was a drag. laptop batteries According to media reports, in 2007, the original CATR CTTL begin preparing the introduction of uniform standards of mobile phone batteries. However, to date, has not yet unified standard mobile phone battery real progress. There telecom industry experts have raised the phone like a dry cell battery as standard classification methods, but many phone models, it is extremely difficult to implement the standard, this solution eventually dropped. In addition to the lack of necessary phone battery industry a unified standard, but also the lack of a standardized business conduct rules. Many dealers such as promotional activities, are buying a cell phone distribution two batteries, which one is the original, and the other one is the other brand or counterfeit batteries. In this regard, the state has no regulatory policy in place. toshiba laptop batteries In this regard, the experts pavilion dv7 batterie
Aspire 9300 Batterie
proposed that, for safety reasons, you should try to use the original battery. Note the use of the safe use of lithium batteries should be qualified excellent quality lithium-ion battery, battery charger supporting the use of qualified, try to avoid using cell phone universal charger, if allowed, try to buy high safety factor polymer lithium battery. For consumers, in addition to the regular manufacturers try to buy batteries, need to keep in mind when using the "Five Do not": Do not arbitrarily modify the phone; Do not place the battery in high temperature environments; Do not use damaged batteries; Do not for a long time with the phone call, the call will result in prolonged cell phone batteries, circuit and handset batterie pavilion dv7 Aspire 9300 Batterie fever, if using a counterfeit battery, can easily lead to an explosion; do not use the phone while it is charging, because the phone battery will generate heat during charging, the phone will increase to enhance features on the heat.





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