Lithium batteries can be said that modern life indispensable source of power, widely used in transportation, information, energy and other fields, has brought us a convenient, easy, efficient and modern lifestyle. The application in electric bicycles, due to its most consistent with ordinary people, has brought tangible benefits to become one of the most practical needs.
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Through seven years of experience riding concern for consumers, through Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin, Jinan, Wuxi, Suzhou and other places of consumers use performance tracking analysis, lithium battery electric bike to meet on the basis of light, as people expand the radius of life, a necessary condition for mileage and a certain load also must be met. Small-capacity lithium battery can not meet these requirements, resulting in a large number of would like to buy lithium battery electric vehicles to consumers hesitant.

To overcome this problem, Suzhou Star Constant Power Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Ka-speed vehicles on the basis of the full research chain market demand and riding habits on the introduction of a well-made ​​48V12Ah lithium battery electric bicycle, car, based on the light able to run farther. Have been able to do so, thanks: Constant Star technology from the Institute of Physics. Institute of Physics in 1982 began to study the lithium ion conductor, so far has had 30 years of basic technology research reserve, relying on strong technical strength Physics, now Xingheng has made ​​a series of achievements.
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The newly launched 48V12Ah lithium battery electric bicycle, there are three magic: one, riding 50 km no problem, breaking the traditional lithium battery 40 km limit. 2, more than 20% load than traditional lithium car. More adapted to use the next climbing, emergency and other conditions. 3, in line with the national standard basis, faster, no longer be the way to overtaking.laptop batteries
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