Tipps to Identifizieren gemeinsame akku wahre und falsche

In addition, we have no good helper method can help identify genuine and fake batteries do?
Pavilion dv7 akku
Digital camera battery is a good test of true and false instrument, because it requires relatively high battery, so loaded on counterfeit batteries use a digital camera will not turn on, and the genuine battery will not happen.

It should be reminded that the battery consumption is generally small appliances, such as radios, shavers, etc., counterfeit batteries can normally make it work, and therefore more difficult to identify. And some traders are most used for general electricalHP Pavilion DV6 akku experiments led to sales, so here it is recommended that consumers buy batteries we try to choose a large formal point of sale, such as regular digital stores, supermarkets and so on. Of course, we do not rule out occasionally run into an inferior, then you have to have our rights awareness, and even offered to replace the exposure and other measures can be used. Identify common battery true and falseSamsung R730 akku
LENOVO T61 akku
HP Pavilion DV6 akku
Pavilion dv7 akku

Currently on the market is the most common battery which is mainly composed LENOVO T61 akku of two colors (black and gold), with the two middle color is a white line. For batteries we have any way to verify its authenticity it?

Genuine battery side a little white line mosaic pattern, not a straight line, while the counterfeit batteries mosaic pattern is not just a straight line. This is obvious and easy to overlook the small details, as long as the master that, then most of the counterfeit goods can be identified.
Samsung R730 akku

Also, the negative battery genuine metal bowl the center is slightly raised, but has not raised counterfeit note.

The third point is the battery identification details of the production date, production date genuine battery bottom is composed by one point, while the fake is not made ​​up of dots, but a complete printed.





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