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February 3, 2013, Mr. Chen, who lives in Taizhou home fires, resulting in two family houses were completely destroyed, the direct economic losses of more than 10,000 yuan. Later identified incentives fire department recently purchased a cottage Chen brand electric wheelbarrow lithium battery capacity is too large due to the car battery capacity of 324Wh, but the packaging very simple, with a high insecurity.
Our country is the largest producer of lithium batteries, lithium batteries and therefore safe to use in order to avoid accidents. High energy lithium battery life can reach more than six years, the self-discharge rate at the end and the weight low. But while security is poor, there is danger of explosion. It is understood that dozens of casualties or economic losses due to security risks caused by the presence of lithium from the 2005 total to date of occurrenceLaptop Akku

avoid unnecessary losses due to product quality problems caused. Can be used with rechargeable lithium battery, avoid over-discharge, it should charge when power is low, otherwise it will affect the life of lithium batteries; avoid overcharging, you should unplug the charger when the charger is full, long charging, grid voltage up late at night is high, there is the risk of accidents caused. While lithium batteries should be stored in a cool dry out of direct sunlight, if not long-term use, but also from time to time for the lithium battery charging.

Lithium batteries because of their higher energy storage, long life and other characteristics, are widely used in all aspects of life. In recent years, due to the lack of a unified standard lithium battery production, inferior products on the market all kinds of uneven quality, resulting in poor quality due to accidents caused by frequent lithium battery, lithium battery safety problems caused great concern in the community.
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