As for battery memory effect how to avoid it? VGP-BPS13

As for battery memory effect how to avoid it? VGP-BPS13
What is battery memory effect
Memory effect, because the battery of the battery to produce an effect the contents of the crystallization. Usually only occurs in the above nickel-cadmium batteries Laptop Akku and laptop batterieslaptop batteries uk news online
, nickel-metal hydride batteries and the chances will happen less, do not worry if you are using lithium batteries this phenomenon. Cause battery memory effect occurs, usually part because the battery is repeatedly charged and discharged due to incomplete . This action causes a temporary battery capacity decreases.HSTNN-IB73
batterie E6400

As for battery memory effect how to avoid it? First, the battery should be no power to give after charging; or on the charger has a discharge function, first discharge . Do not repeat the well-charged battery charging, to avoid the memory effect.

If the battery memory effect has been produced, how it was going to restore the original capacity? First of all to the battery is fully discharged, the battery must be discharged to about 24 hours, to be completely discharged, again fully charged, so many cycles, the battery capacity can be restored, unless the battery has been damaged. However, the best way to avoid this phenomenon, and it is recommended that you buy NiMH batteries or lithium batteries.
Recently, more and more digital cameras use nickel-metal hydride batteries, battery manufacturers are optimistic about the market, have launched a high-capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries, making technical advances NiMH battery capacity is also growing, the use of time and lithium battery comparable, even chargers are increasingly sophisticated, dramatically shortening the charging time.

Nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries VS

Many consumers are under the mobile phone industry education, reimbursing think lithium is better, in fact, NiMH Battery memory is quite mild, but consumers' perceptions of NiMH batteries have been left behind and it is easy to die of ideas, in fact, Li-ion battery for use on mobile phones than nickel-metal hydride batteries fit, but in the use of digital cameras, digital cameras due to the demand for a large amount of current, plus the power consumption is also much larger than the mobile phone, in this part of the large current output NiMH battery but slightly better, with nickel-metal hydride batteries can be used generally commercially available alkaline batteries emergency, except NIKON EN-EL1 lithium outer mostly without this benefit, so when choosing a digital camera would not reimbursing the tendency of lithium models .

In FUJIFILM Finepix S602z digital camera, for example, the use of four-day high current HHR200AAB Panasonic NiMH rechargeable battery with the use of SONY original M-type rechargeable lithium battery (NP-FM50) the SONY DSC-S85 digital camera, the time can be used is comparable to 190 minutes and 180 minutes, the charger side, our best-selling NiMH battery fast charger combination Case charging time is about 4.5 hours, but also with SONY DSC-S85 digital camera in the machine charging time is not phase down, with the price advantage, using them comparable with lithium batteries, high versatility, with the natural lithium but not as good as some places can have one day.





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