Tablet PC Battery care and maintenance

Tablet PC Battery care and maintenance
Free to charge the lithium-ion battery without any harm, and shine is often damage to the electrical battery. The following is a rechargeable lithium battery research methods to some of the points for your reference:

1. lithium whether used or not, "shelf life" for three years, three years after the decay quickly. Another is full charge cycle, after about 400-500 times decay quickly. Is to see you first use or the first charge and three years to count. How to charge the battery for the new: the use of lithium batteries should be noted that after some time the battery is placed into hibernation, lower than normal capacity at this time, the use of time has also come to be shortened. However, lithium batteries can easily activated, as long as after 3-5 times the normal charge-discharge cycle battery can be activated to restore normal capacity.
2. In addition to fear of low-power lithium battery, afraid thing is overheating, especially when charging. If your condom heat poorly, charging fever, it is best when charging the sets won. Lithium battery (or iphone) long-term preservation method is not charged to 40% in the fridge, but remember not to freeze.Extensa 5635Z akku
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3. Do not always wait for recharging electric run out, it will speed up its losses. When the lithium battery is low on power loss is relatively large, long-term in 40% -60% charge can make the most longevity, but for frequently used equipment, it is impossible, but you can make it at 100% of the total, which is often charging, do not pull over red. It will not overcharge, and then use the power supply, the battery will not waste charge cycle, it is beneficial to prolong life. You just full release once a month, which is to calibrate the battery gauge. When the prompt appears when the battery is low, you should try to start charging.
4. Charging can be used, some say will lead the charge while charging using slow, is not in the side discharge the battery while charging ah? Actually not, the phone has two circuits, one for charging the battery, one directly through the ac power supply to the machine. Charging is slow because the machine was used for part of the current, so the charging current is small, usb charging is particularly evident when, because of its current itself is very small. But it is worth noting that a small current slow charging but is charging lithium-friendly, little heat thus generated, more conducive to its life. Also, do not play games or other large loads while charging to use! The reason is not a big power, but with two, it will produce a large amount of heat, thus reducing battery life. Generally on the Internet, send information no problem for a long time is not good in the hand phone, it is recommended to use headphones.
5. After charging connection for use on power will not cause any harm to the battery as it is powered directly through the power supply, thus reducing the number of charge cycles but also help extend battery life. Many people would argue that my notebook has been unplugged, the results year after the battery is finished. Laptop with mobile phone is different, this situation is often caused due to heat, heat is not good notebook, battery life drops quickly, even if you do not have it. If you always play the game and then the power supply may generate heat because the power supply is high and cause the phone to overheat, which is not good, in short, so long as the heat, there would be no problem, you can always plugged in before you go out.Laptop Akku and laptop batterieslaptop batteries uk news online





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