Common laptop battery repair method A42-M6 batterie

Laptop battery repair method

Laptop battery idle for too long, or especially lithium just repaired, it must offset the charging curve and the discharge curve is generated, it is necessary to use a genuine full release several cycles of steps to correct the finished repair charge and discharge curves, we also called battery self-learning process. common laptop battery repair methods, mainly the following methods.Laptop Akku and laptop batteries news online

Common laptop battery repair method Daquan
Tools / materials

Laptop, Notebook Battery

Step / methods

Method One
Settings (this is the most important step to be able to most laptop battery repair relations to the best state. Please do not need to pay attention to you)
a Open My Computer - Control Panel - Power Options - power scheme
The time parameters using a battery that never wholly elected
b The two options alerts items untick the aim when the battery down to a few percent of the time so that the program does not respond to appropriate action, so that the notebook battery power completely real place, so that the battery itself to amend its lowest power consumption and curve 0% synchronization.
Common laptop battery repair method Daquan
After the above settings finished, press the full release on the principle of complete charge and discharge the battery back and forth two or three times, then the battery offset curves can be repaired over.
Note: make sure when charging the battery is full, the best way is to shut down for several hours or overnight charge, then unplug the power to discharge the computer automatically shut off. Such back and forth at least two cycles
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Method two

Battery use and charging of instability will cause the battery capacity decline, but this decline was not caused due to aging, so proper calibration can make this part of the lost capacity to recover. Therefore, regular battery calibration is very necessary thing, such as January-February once.
Three common methods to repair cell phone lithium battery:

1. Use a clean eraser cleaning tools or other materials and gently wipe the metal contacts on the phone lithium metal contacts on the charging status and contribute to a durable power of.

2, will be used in automatic shutdown of the old phone lithium battery with plastic wrap it tightly wrapped, as docile parcel, a total of three miles away, make sure the battery is in a vacuum state. Then, out of the plastic wrap three newspapers, so that the lithium battery is completely sealed. Placed in the refrigerator freezer floor, 48 hours, remove the battery, one by removing the outer wrapping of six paper membrane, lithium batteries do not freeze and cause the surface due to expansion or deformation. After cooling for some time, and then charging.
Presario CQ61 battery
battery D630

3, so close to retirement lithium battery completely discharged and then recharged to activate the battery. Specific methods are: the phone depth of discharge is through internal energy depletion, to achieve a deeper level of recharge, which requires the use of some unconventional methods. Connection with a particular device phone with a low-voltage light bulb, the internal battery power is transferred to a small light bulb, until all shine. "Mobile phone through lower voltage slowly depleted energy. Under normal circumstances, if the phone is switched on below the rated voltage of 3.6 volts, it will automatically shut down." After fully discharged, recharging the phone battery can be used more for a long time.





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