most of the laptop battery charging circuit will can not be automatically disconnected

if not corrected there is no relationship, because most of the charging circuit will can not be automatically disconnected after a long full, even intelligent automatic record of the current 99% to 100% refreshed, even if the design has been kept a fool, but also because this time the current is very small and will not cause harm. so the charge to such an explosion occurred in the case of laptop batteries no less chance of winning the lottery jackpot. No matter how scientific maintenance measures, the battery will be aging are, like how wonderful cosmetics and beauty care can not prevent the old woman turned up to just delay it, the only way to avoid Laptop Akku aging is not in use (so many people will choose the battery win), but this makes the laptop but meaningless ...... battery is always used as the prolonged aging time, in fact, is a semi-consumables, for almost all laptop manufacturers regardless of the host How long the warranty, the battery usually only guaranteed for one year.

If you care to do is put in place to calculate the battery once a week, you can still maintain about 60% to 70% of capacity after one year, my own battery probably is the case, if it is felt increasingly haggard looking battery is a kind of torture for you, the best way is not to take down, and pray do not plug a power outage, or kicked, The current laptop batteries are basically the temperature detection circuit, when the battery temperature is too high, the control circuit will be forced to disconnect the battery mostly to prevent further temperature rises, or buy one as a backup, as long as the battery and notebook in order to bring enough value and happiness, I think they the sacrifice is worth it. Battery has not reached a record voltage control circuit, the control circuit has been powered charging, the battery has been filled in fact, this problem can usually be solved by correcting, but





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