For the battery clean, and most people do not pay attention Sony VGP-BPS2 Akku

How to prolong battery life
Digital cameras rely mainly on battery to provide power, but if you are using does not match or do not pay attention to save the battery, the battery will run out when you do not shoot much time in. Of course, the battery will eventually run out, and when you find them soon depleted, you'll need to replace them.
Batteries are stored, there are many places you want to bring attention. Just bought rechargeable battery power is low or no power, should be charged before use. Fully charged battery is very hot, it should be cooled before loading machines. In order to extend shooting time, the filming process should try not to use the LCD viewfinder; reduce the number of optical zoom;.
When we try to use to save battery usage. First, try to avoid using unnecessary zoom operation, if it is going to zoom, we recommend you to position the camera zoom to get the same effect! Second is to avoid frequent use of photography lights, photography lights are power-hungry, if not compelling general recommended that you do not use. Also best to use when adjusting the image viewfinder instead of the LCD display. LCD display amazing energy, so it is best used sparingly, because the ordinary shooting through the viewfinder can be completed. Of course, not in order to save power will it ban, such as close-up shots when the LCD monitor is an important component indispensable. Finally, remember not to use the camera when it is closed.Sony PCGA-BP2NX Akku

For the battery clean, and most people do not pay attention. To avoid loss of power problems occur, please keep the contact points across the battery and the battery cover inside clean. If necessary, use a soft, clean, dry cloth and gently wipe. Never use cleaning properties or chemical cleaning agents and so has solubility, such as diluents or solvents to clean the alcohol content of your digital camera, battery, or charger. In addition, charging before use, use a soft dry cloth to clean the contact points across the battery, try to let the battery contact points at both ends to keep it clean, so that you can ensure that the battery can be completely sufficient power. If the battery's electrodes occurs oxidation circumstances, the need to wipe out, if it is severe oxidation or drop the case, you should replace the battery immediately.
The correct way to use a great impact on the battery charge, supporting the use of the original charger and battery will help extend battery life. For charging time depends on the charger and the battery, and use of voltage stability and other factors. If this is the first use of the battery (or batteries not used for several months), remember to charge Lithium battery charging time exceeds its provisions about 1 hour, nickel-hydrogen batteries must be more than 14 hours, or else battery life will be shorter in the future. It normally takes after several charge / discharge process in order to achieve optimum efficiency. And there is residual battery power, try not to repeat the charge to ensure battery life.Laptop Akku and laptop batterieslaptop batteries uk news online

In the use of lithium batteries should be noted that after some time the battery is placed into hibernation, lower than normal capacity at this time, the use of time has also come to be shortened. However, lithium batteries can easily activated, as long as after 3-5 times the normal charge-discharge cycle battery can be activated to restore normal capacity. Because lithium own characteristics, its decision is almost no memory effect. So the new lithium user during the activation process does not require special methods and apparatus. Not only theory that, from the beginning of charging that "activation" approach on the use of the standard method is the best.





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