in a waveform of the charging, the batteries voltage does not increase much

the constant voltage to increase, then take off the large current limiting due to the lithium-ion battery itself to take the negative electrode excess designed so that depending on the design of the different manufacturers of the battery remaining amount in the charging voltage is increased within certain limits is possible. However, this time and to take into account the stability of the battery the positive electrode, the negative electrode and the excess of the time too, but will reduce the efficiency of the positive electrode to play.
3, constant voltage phase to take ultra-low frequency pulse, low to 1-10HZ, to a certain time and then uses high-frequency pulses to control the charging ended.
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I had to do their own experiments 5Ah battery charge and discharge cycles do 3C 10, 700 times the minimum remaining 50%!
As for the constant Well, in order to reduce charging time, I generally take 4.28V constant pressure to 0.1C
The main function is to avoid intermittent charging voltage and large current charging up phenomenon of the imaginary, in a waveform of the charging, the battery voltage does not increase much, and in the intermittent period, the battery voltage will be effectively reduced to avoid the large current charging duration because excessive voltage rise time constant caused longer.Laptop Akku and laptop batteries news online
How fast charging lithium batteries
For lithium ion battery fast charging, I thought that way a long time ago. First proposal follows
1, to improve the charging current, depending on the battery manufacturer and the pole piece design conductivity design can determine the battery can withstand the maximum charging current of the battery charging current is generally elevated to approximately 3C, the need for improved low performed. Although there are ways to enhance the charging current to the 5C-6C, but this time the cost of the batteries themselves rise to about 3 times the original.
For the heating problem, when the lithium-ion battery voltage is lower than 4.3V in, 3C about charging current does not cause the battery to overheat (already test certificate).acer Laptop Akku
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