How to distinguish between genuine and fake Samsung mobile phone battery PA3536U-1BRS akku

How to distinguish between genuine and fake Samsung mobile phone battery

1. Samsung original battery with the same body, there will be an approximate sandalwood scent, set of electrical, fake electricity is no such odor;ThinkPad T500 akku

2, the original battery in the recess and cell phones are 1-1, 1-2 characters, figures between 1-2 mm in height, and digital color shine. Group of electrical, electronic recess false figures generally do not even have a digital height is significantly greater than 2 mm;

3, Samsung original battery matte surface after treatment, and feel smooth and delicate; the matte surface of the battery assembly process is very jerky feel;

4, Samsung original battery barcode type (Model), has a clear sense touch, the battery seems inclined, bar the color was darker than elsewhere. The printing and bar code label printing assembly of the battery, like, no concavity, and the bar code is not clear;

5, Samsung original battery combined with the body close, replace the battery, the battery is seamless between the phone and, while the assembly of the battery due process issues, combined with the body does not close, with a clear sense of unevenness, color and body cells have a big difference, and even some battery assembly and body size also inconsistent;

6. Type of nine digits, the first three are battery model, BEX, BST, BSL represent thicker battery, standard battery and ultra-thin battery. Third last bit indicates battery capacity, for example, BSL1315SC, the bottom third of the "5" represents 570mAh battery; BST0526WE, "6" on behalf of 650mAh battery; BST1097SE, the bottom third of the "7" or representative capacity 700,720mAh 770mAh battery; BEX307ABC, "A" representative 1000mAh battery. Penultimate position, the battery color. Samsung original battery were white (White), red (red), silver (silver gray), orange (jacinth), the first letter indicates the color blue-gray (kyanite), etc. in English, which uses "W" on behalf of white; with "R" represents red; "S" on behalf of silver; "J" on behalf of blue-gray and so on. Sold in the region, said the penultimate one. Which, "C" indicates sold to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian markets; "E" represents the European market. As MODEL for BEX1099SE battery, expressed thicker battery, 900mAh, gray, sold in the European market. MODEL for BEX307ABC battery, thicker battery, 1000mAh, black, sold sold to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asian markets.
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7. Samsung battery's serial number, also contains a battery batteries, production date and other information. Samsung battery S / N of 11 numbers, composed by numbers and letters, in the format 123-ABCD-EF-GH, wherein the second digit "2" for batteries, with "A" represents SDI's batteries; "H "represents HITACHI (Hitachi) the company's batteries;" O "indicates SONY's batteries;" G "on behalf of GSMT company's batteries, the fourth to seven" A "," B "," CD ", respectively representative of the production year, month, day, etc. S / N to determine the correct, then print legible, the workmanship is good or bad, what to see contact brightness, and the hardness of soft and so on





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