ensure that every month or so to charge the battery

After you install the power management software to adjust battery power management software usage patterns to protect the battery; If you can guarantee a stable power environment, you can also choose separate storage battery, battery alone longest storage time is recommended not more than one month, and to ensure that every month or so to charge the battery. Before the batterybe stored separately, make sure the battery Laptop Akku
is greater than 80%. The battery in the temperature range -10--35 degrees Celsius stored in a dry environment, extending several measures laptop battery working time Laptop power much larger than cell phones, the most extreme case, the power needed to charge the battery while the machine running at full speed and power needed to cope, laptops generally do not have a compatible charger, since each type of voltage, current, and even interface are different, can be common to a variety of notebook "compatible charger" is likely more expensive than the original charger, even the same interface, if the voltage and current is below laptop batteries
the nominal value of the machine, the machine working at full speed when the battery may can not get enough of the charging current, which is damage to the battery is great. If the voltage and current is lower than the nominal value too much, and even found it impossible to boot or boot but can not charge, so choose the power to choose the best time and the same first wife, I can not find it, please note that certain voltage and current to comply with the nominal value of the machine, with different products factory interface is generally the same, but the voltage and current may be different, this is sure to pay attention!

Myth: battery needs charged (or put photovoltaic) saved

Whether full or shine, in fact, are not correct, put long-term preservation photoelectric batteries will lose their activity, and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full power will bring long-term preservation security risks, the best the save method is discharged to about 40% and then save, fear of moisture and high temperature lithium battery, it should be placed in a cool dry place, but the temperature is not too low, otherwise the capacity will be greatly reduced, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature .
1> lower the screen brightness: You can use fn + down / up key combinations to quickly adjust brightness (fn + which key specific need to see their own notebook).
2> The use of standby, sleep and other functions: When long time without a computer, allowing notebook standby or hibernate, saving power and extend the life of the computer.
3> Open cpu speedstep function, can greatly extend battery operating time: cpu's speedstep feature in the bios is enabled by default when using the battery, cpu will automatically down-use





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