How to maintain Apple phone battery HP Pavilion DV1000 akku

Tencent battery housekeeper software can help you manage your mobile phone batteries, cell phone batteries easy to understand information, a variety of power-saving mode is switched, the effective management of battery consumption, extend the life of the battery is simple to install butler, housekeeper click enter Tencent mobile health is optimized for battery health you can, into the battery housekeeper, you can view the remaining battery specific power, battery life and more online games available time, allowing you to assign a reasonable time

How to maintain Apple phone battery

No longer have to charge the phone battery is fully charged and then watching pulling power, battery charging housekeeper three stages of management, the rational allocation of charging current, charging is completed there will be reminded that the real "Battery Manager"

How to maintain Apple phone battery

There are specific time remaining charging tips that can allow you to clearly understand the charging time, make time to do other things, waiting for the charging is complete unplug the power again, very convenient

How to maintain Apple phone battery
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Precautions Apple consistent design style, which can not disassemble is very important to adhere to. So we see the iPhone uses the built-in lithium battery, can not so easily replace like an ordinary phone. But for those who use a year or even longer, iPhone4, iPhone4S, due to battery aging and other factors, the need to replace, we need to disassemble the battery to be replaced.

In fact iPhone4S phone's battery dismantling, the difficulty is not too high. As long as we prepare two small screwdriver to complete.

First, carefully iPhone4S two screws at the bottom of the open, then pushed up the back shell glass panel, you can open the back shell.

This time though we've seen Mami iPhone battery, but do not go directly to pull the battery. Note that in the bottom left there is a metal battery cover, we first use a screwdriver to remove the cover for the job, but otherwise the plane crash in the end.

Finally, gently picked up the battery from the top of the body, be careful not to connect the bottom left of the cable broke, then you may tears up. Apple mobile phone battery is not removable, if you usually pay attention to maintenance, battery life becomes shorter, the phone is often no electricity did not take long to boot up, it really would be very stressful thing. In general, under the right circumstances the use of cell phones, cell phone batteries a few years is no problem, but the daily details of maintenance attention will cause problems, so learn the proper maintenance of cell phone batteries, to extend mobile phone battery life
How to maintain Apple phone battery
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Option One: routine maintenance details


Charging time is not used in natural off before going to charge the phone, iPhone uses lithium polymer battery is not used to protect the natural off rechargeable batteries can say is, this talk is only suitable for the era of nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium battery over discharge will lead ion activity decreased, cut capacity, leading to reduced life expectancy, then how much power left in charge of the case is good? The answer is more than 20% of the bestLaptop Akku and laptop batteries news online

How to maintain Apple phone battery

Show 100 percent charge before the red one hour, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery in two stages, the first stage of the charge amount is 80 percent, about two hours to complete, at this stage belongs to the fast-charge phase, the second phase of decreasing current continues to charge until full charge, iPhone fast-charge phase when completed will show 100%, so then charge one hour argument is based on the case may be, the real full charge, iPhone above the status bar icon becomes 100% into small plug

How to maintain Apple phone battery

Best not to play while charging the phone, when Apple phone charging, the current two routes, all the way responsible for charging the battery, the phone is responsible for running all the way, Apple's mobile phone specification has declared, "When charging, the battery is maintained at or near room temperature environment" , if the phone while charging while playing may cause the phone to temperature increase, which is a great harm to the battery; In addition, the phone too tight protective sleeve is not recommended for use, will prevent the machine cooling

How to maintain Apple phone battery

Option Two: Install the battery maintenance softwareHP 398065-001 Akku
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