Apple's official battery maintenance tutorial

Apple products using advanced lithium batteries, but because of the built-in structure, once the battery life to do so is very difficult to replace the battery, following Apple's official battery maintenance tutorial, I will organize and combine their own experience, scientific maintenance of our batteries .
Apple's official battery maintenance tutorial
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Mac computer's battery maintenance tutorial (see step 1)

iPhone battery maintenance tutorial (see step 2)

iPod's battery maintenance tutorial (see step 3)

iPad battery (see step 4)

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Mac computer's battery maintenance tutorial


Apple's official battery maintenance tutorial toshiba batterie

Maintaining the current flowing state of the battery. When they go out with a battery, go back to recharge. Once a month to maintain the depth of charge.

Do not always put electric light, long-term without a Mac, to ensure that there is 50% electricity storage.

Each week, preferably with a single charge cycle, every three months or so best to do a battery calibration.

Apple recommends to go out when not charging, recharging back to the office, so you can ensure that the battery activity.

Apple is also recommended not to use the device again under high temperature environment.

Optimization settings (Apple official optimization suggestions)

Apple's official battery maintenance tutorial

Energy: Energy Saver control panel offers several settings options, you can determine the power level of your laptop. Connect the power supply laptop perceived status, and the corresponding state operation. When using battery-powered, portable computer will dim the screen and use other components sparingly. If you change this setting to maximize the play performance, battery will be consumed faster.

Brightness: The screen transferred to feel comfortable minimum brightness, allowing battery life is maximized. For example, when you watch a DVD on the plane, if the cabin lights all off, you do not need the strongest brightness of the screen.

AirPort wireless network: Even if you do not use AirPort to connect to the network, it will consume power. Therefore, you can close it will be in their control panel, thereby saving power.

Bluetooth wireless feature: the same Bluetooth function without the use of electricity will be consumed, so you can also use this feature when you do not need to turn it off in order to prolong battery life.

Applications and external devices: disconnect the external device is not in use and exit the application is not in use. Please do not need when you exit from the CD and DVD drive.

iPhone battery maintenance tutorial

Apple's official batteries maintenance tutorial

Use the original Apple charger, cables. Minimize the use of the unknown, poor charging equipment, as well as iPad charger. In order to avoid the current unstable or too large, affecting the battery life of the iPhone.

To properly maintained lithium battery, you must occasionally let them keep the flow of electrons. Please ensure that at least a month to go through a charge cycle (the battery is fully charged and the battery completely run out).

No special needs, follow the prompts to actively upgrade the system and software version. Because the Apple System upgrade helps to optimize the battery.COMPAQ batterie Presario CQ42
Batterie Inspiron N7010
Batterie VGP-BPS2C
Batterie Satellite A200
Batterie Inspiron N5010
Batterie Inspiron 14
Batterie a1245





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