Comparison of the size of the battery capacity. General 500mAh Ni-Cd battery or 600mAh,

How to identify the cell phone battery quality is good or bad
1 Comparison of the size of the battery capacity. General 500mAh Ni-Cd battery or 600mAh,
Nickel-hydrogen batteries, but also 800-900mAh; lithium-ion cell phone battery capacity is generally between 1300-1400mAh, so time after fully charged lithium-ion battery is about 1.5 times using nickel-hydrogen batteries, nickel cadmium batteries 3.0 times. If you find that you have purchased a block of lithium-ion cell phone batteries no longer working hours and provisions on brochures or, it may be fake.
2 see the plastic surface and plastic material. Genuine battery wear surface evenly, using PC material, no embrittlement phenomenon; counterfeit batteries no wear face or too rough, using a renewable material, easy to rattle.
3 All genuine mobile phone batteries, the appearance should be neat, no extra burr, the outer surface has some roughness and comfortable feel; inner surface is smooth feel, the light can be seen fine vertical scratches. Cell phone battery electrode with the same width, the corresponding position marked under the battery electrodes [+], [-] mark, battery charging electrode of the same material as the insulating material and the shell, but not one.
4 For the original battery, its battery surface color texture clear, uniform, clean, no scratches and damage; battery symbol should be printed on the battery model, type, rated capacity, standard voltage, positive and negative signs, factory name. Smooth feel to be on the phone non-blocking, elastic fit, and the hand with a good, reliable lock; hardware pieces no scratches and black hair green phenomenon. If the phone battery with the above phenomenon we buy does not comply, can initially concluded that it is fake.
5 Currently, many mobile phone manufacturers also from their own perspective, through efforts to improve the level of technology to improve fraud difficulty phones and accessories to further curb the spread of the phenomenon of parallel fake. General formal requirements of mobile phone products and accessories must be consistent in appearance. So when we bought the phone if the battery installed, you should look carefully control the color of the body and the battery pan, if the color and brightness consistency, is the original battery. Otherwise, the battery itself is dull dull, it may be fake laptop batteries
6 observed anomalies charge. In general, there should be genuine mobile phone battery internal overcurrent protection device, resulting in excessive current in the case of an external short circuit, automatically cut off the circuit, so as not to burn or damage the phone; lithium-ion battery also has over the line, when using non-standard electrical , AC electric current is too large will automatically cut off the power supply, resulting in the charge does not enter, in normal circumstances, the battery can be automatically restored to the conduction state. If we in charge of the process, found that the battery severe fever or smoke, or even an explosion, indicating that the battery is certainly false.
7, a closer look at security signs. NOKIA words such as hidden under stickers printed diagonally, is one of the tricks. Flawless clarity is the original product; dim pale counterfeit products. If you take a closer look, it may find the manufacturer's name. For example, Motorola batteries, it's anti-counterfeit trademarks are diamond-shaped, and from whatever point of view, can flash a three-dimensional effect, while Motorola, Original and printing and clear, then, would constitute genuine. On the contrary, once the color of dull, lack of three-dimensional sense of vague words hp laptop batteries
, there may be a fake.
8 measuring the charging voltage of the battery block. If the counterfeit lithium-ion cell phone battery block with nickel-cadmium, nickel hydrogen batteries block, it must be composed of five single cells, a single battery charge voltage is generally not more than 1.55V, the total voltage of the battery block does not exceed 7.75V. When charging the total voltage is below 8.0V battery block is likely to be nickel-cadmium, nickel hydrogen batteries.





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