Buy cell phone batteries look "3C" sign

Buy cell phone batteries look "3C" sign

Song diligent said battery manufacturing process is very precise, generally small factory custom-made cell phone batteries, protective shell internal pressure relief device is not set, the battery in the long-term use or charging process, prone to hot phenomenon, serious and even when the explosion occurred . In addition, custom battery more for refurbished products, rechargeable batteries even after their useful life is very short, so consumers buy such products outweigh the benefits. compaq laptop batterie

Business sector to remind consumers to buy mobile phone batteries should look for the "3C" certification mark, but also check the battery's rated voltage, rated capacity and other information. Meanwhile, the consumer is best to a regular cell phone store to purchase brand batteries, and require businesses to issue invoices for future rights used. If you find businesses for sale "three noes" mobile phone batteries, consumers can report to the relevant laptop batterie Industry profits spawned custom battery business

Song engaged in mobile phone repair years of diligence that the phone battery OEM business seemingly low prices, in fact, there are huge profits to be made.

"Custom-made cell phone batteries are mostly old batteries refurbished. Piece of old phone battery recycling price of about $ 3, after a few hands, then the price can turn into the market ten times." Song diligent says that after recovery, the old buyers batteries for about 10 yuan per block wholesale prices to the battery refurbished processing point, the latter then the original battery casing removed, remove the batteries, which can be used to recharge batteries, re-dusting, polishing, and put the new shell, so that a "new battery" was born, its priced at 40-60 yuan. acer laptop batterie laptop batteries
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Song diligence that vendors claiming to produce their own cell phones, in fact, mostly from underground battery factory in the south. Custom-made cell phone battery greatest demand is parallel phone vendors, original battery before many parallel phone sales, comes out will be vendors, resale sold the retail market and earn more profits. After that, the business of custom battery into the box and then posing as the original battery.





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