Custom batteries more as "three noes" products here

Yesterday, in the vicinity of Zhou King City Square, there are many banner of "custom-made cell phone battery" signs of traders. A vendor introduced an ordinary mobile phone battery to be custom-made 40 yuan, if the custom 1800 mA or larger capacity battery, you need 60 yuan.

"As long as a day to do a battery raw materials are all imported materials, poor quality than the original battery." Traders from the bag and pulled out a cell phone battery that this battery is someone else yesterday customized HTC (G14) mobile phone batteries, "This mobile phone original battery less have more than 100 yuan of money one, but then as long as 50 yuan custom. "

Reporters found that a lot of custom-made cell phone batteries, neither marked above the rated voltage, rated capacity, nor the manufacturer, date of manufacture, etc., belong to the "three noes" products. Mobile phone battery can be tailored? It should also be carefully chosen

Today, mobile phone battery OEM business in the streets quietly. But many consumers reflected some businesses custom-made cell phone battery power consumption quickly, and the use of prone hot phenomenon. Insiders said that the streets selling customized mobile phone batteries, product quality without security, there are security risks.
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Custom battery more as a "three noes" products

"I thought picking up a cheap, did not expect to buy the battery quality is so poor." Public 杨守华 said in mid-June, he spent weeks in the vicinity of King City Plaza 40 yuan a piece of custom-made cell phone battery, available two weeks after the discovery, every dial phone battery began hot, due to worry about the battery will burn the phone, had abandoned.





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