ThinkPad T40 Battery: check the battery's appearance

4, pay attention to check the battery's appearance, should buy exquisite packaging, the appearance of clean, clean, no signs of battery leakage.ThinkPad T40 Battery

5, pay attention to the battery symbol, the battery should be marked with a trademark production factory, battery polarity, battery type, nominal voltage and trademarks; sales packaging (such as two or four shrink shrink, or tag hanging card) Chinese should address, production date and shelf life or indicate the shelf life of the deadline, the implementation of the standard number. Buy alkaline manganese batteries should look model Have ALKALINE or LR words.

6, since the mercury in batteries harmful to the environment, to protect the environment, the choice of a trademark should purchase marked "mercury-free", "0% Mercury," "mercury-free" on the battery.

Before using the battery should pay attention to

1, electrical appliances and battery contacts should be clean and, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth, after drying loaded correctly according to the polarity indicated. Look, please install the battery polarity ("+" and "-") installation is extremely important, should be required to install electrical equipment specification recommended batteries; do not follow the instructions, it may cause appliance malfunction, damage to electrical equipment and / or battery.

2, a group of cells should also replace all the batteries, do not mix old and new batteries; the same model but a different type or brand of electrochemical batteries do not mix, or make a group of cells in some of the battery is over-discharged state in use, thereby increasing the likelihood of leakage.

3, can not by heating or charging one-time battery recycling, or they may explode.

4, can not short circuit the battery to avoid battery leakage and damage to the heat generated by insulation packaging.

5, long-term electric appliances when not promptly removed the battery, turn the power off after use, so as not to continue to discharge its internal battery adverse chemical reaction and lead to leaks.

6, used batteries, do not throw as far as possible be separated from other garbage deliveryThinkPad T61p BatteryI believe in the parallel market in Longshehunza people have cheated experience, although already done their homework before buying, but one foot, the law is strong, deceived is inevitable, but in recent years, Since the advent of the Internet, coupled with the sharp decline in the price of the mainstream, so that parallel phone, transparency greatly reduced parts prices, price fight between dealers, leading to a sharp decline in profits of mobile phones, mercenary profiteers who will not let any one to make money The chance that they will still be in the case of low-margin "squeeze" consumers.Presario CQ42 battery

We can begin to analyze, it is now the mobile phone on the gray market are (from Shenzhen and other places to order a separate phone body through a channel) from the "head" with a separate charger, battery, data cable, headset, memory, packaging these parts together somewhere in the local "Assembly" made, but now because of the Internet's openness price, plus dealers vicious competition has forced the entire mobile phone profits too low, while the body of Price occupy the whole 80%, which is a fact that can not be changed, and toshiba battery pa3534u 1bas
profiteers who are debited by unauthorized phone accessories sold separately to earn them a profit.

For example: a European version of the Nokia E72 itself should the data cable, charger, original battery, memory card, headset these parts, the price of this machine is 2000 yuan (Note: The price is only a hypothesis), and dealers by deduct the original battery, replace it with a high defense or leave the battery on the price of 2,000 yuan to sell you, then the price of 200 yuan a separate battery out to other users, so that a European version of the price of E72 2,200 yuan, so a machine will earn at least 200 yuan of profits, showing how deep inside the "rules."ASUS N53 battery

But recently, when I go to the market to collect information about the situation specifically investigate Evo N610C Battery
cell phone batteries, the current Nokia battery BL series, the general mainstream of the original price will be around 220 yuan, while the Nokia Battery BL series on the market price at 25 yuan to 180 yuan, of course, which includes fake batteries, high imitation batteries, "domestic battery business," and the author mentioned above dealer secretly deduct the original battery, short true, false true True, today I also bought a fake battery, on how to distinguish between true and false battery with colleagues around some discussion, and finally summed up a few details at the time of purchase the battery.

Through careful study author summed up a few buy time should pay attention to details, because the fraud now superb technology, so you almost can not tell from the packaging which place is really piece is false. Of course, in the absence of exceptional circumstances, we can only use measurement tools to identify genuine and fake batteries naked eye.

1. Laser trademark, trademark laser really watch battery back above three-dimensional images appear in a different location, but the vast majority of fake or imitation batteries can not do that.ThinkPad X61 battery

2. The materials across the cell should really hard texture of the material silica gel, and a small hole in both ends of the battery of electric shock should have perfusion of special materials or liquids, usually after fake dug into, there are significant differences.Aspire One ZG5 Battery

3. Leave the battery contacts arranged in irregular shape, the material under shock mostly white plastic. Really neat battery contacts distribution, no protrusions or recesses phenomenon.

The weight of the battery, and an elastic battery, really like the video, like a battery, the floor will have a few pops of course, but leave the batteries do not.
How to buy batteries

1, buy the "state inspection", "Chinese famous brand" logo and the local brand-name batteries battery products, which guarantee a certain quality.

2, according to the requirements of electric appliances, select the appropriate battery type and size, and power consumption of electric appliances in accordance with the size and characteristics of purchase for electrical appliances

3, pay attention to check the battery's production date and shelf life, buy a recent production of batteries (new battery), a good new battery performance.





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