to avoid damage ASUS N61J battery

There are several types of cell phone batteries

The emergence of mobile phone regardless of location constraints humanity no longer can send information anytime, anywhere. The development of mobile phone depends on the expansion of its cellular accessory development and battery functions. Mobile phone batteries commonly used are: nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium ion batteries.
M1330 battery

Nickel-cadmium batteries: composed by two plates, one is made of nickel, cadmium and the other is doing, these two metals reversible reaction in the battery, so the battery can be recharged. Its biggest feature is the strong, long talk time.

Nickel metal hydride batteries: nickel-metal hydride batteries have another name called environmentally friendly batteries, because it does not contain cadmium metal, it does not pollute the environment. Its power reserves than nickel-cadmium batteries more than 30% to 50%, mobile phone talk time is thereby extended by 30%.

Lithium-ion batteries: a high energy density batteries, it is compared with the same size nickel-cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, power reserve bigger, lighter weight. Lithium-ion batteries is an intelligent battery, which can be a dedicated smart charger "talk" to achieve the shortest possible charging time and maximum life cycle and maximum capacity. Because it has intelligence, it is also very picky, in a non-dedicated chargers, lithium-ion battery power alone may not be sufficient or not reach the maximum life cycle.dv2500 Battery

1, the need to protect the circuit:

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery if the charge or discharge occurred, often there will be cell expansion, leakage and other abnormal phenomena, protection circuit prevents the device itself or the charger is faulty, or improper use, damage and deterioration of battery performance and settings . Under normal conditions, the protection circuit is not working.

2, the protection circuit installation location:

Protection circuit with a single battery and battery plate fused, even if the charger or failure of the machine itself, the protection circuit can prevent cell damage, leakage characteristics deteriorated role. These protection circuits must be installed in the panels by a professional company for different battery design circuit.

3, to avoid damage protection circuit:

Avoid using the battery in strong electrostatic place, such as certain laboratory near precision instruments, open at the thunderstorm, and so on.

4, safe rechargeable battery temperature range:

Battery preferably between 0-45 degrees Celsius charging to keep the best and most secure state of charge, or easy to damage the protection circuit, life reduced battery performance. For example parked in the hot sun in a car, a battery that is not suitable for placement therein.Mini 1000 battery

The remaining few cells use lithium rechargeable better?

Some people used every night to charge the battery on the charger, or plug in each day trip to enrich my knowledge, in fact, this action will consume battery life!

The battery should be leaving a better grid recharging! Because the lithium battery charge and discharge about 500 times the life, the life of the frequency of recharging is certain, so usually have to wait only one cell when the battery is exhausted, and then charging job, to be able to reduce the number of charging, the battery life It will be longer!

How self-examination whether the defective lithium battery and charger?

■ Lithium

Too light lithium battery cell capacity is inadequate means, in general, if marked 900mAh lithium battery weight less than 30g, it means Fengyun battery may have a problem! All brands 池心 900mAh weight of approximately 30g, if the battery cell + other built-in equipment + battery case less than 30g, then this "lithium batteries" in all likelihood be false.

■ Charger

Only two pin-cradle is unrecognized lithium lemons, there are three or four feet of the pin is able to automatically identify lithium batteries nickel battery charger (2 3 or 4 consumers may be discerned appearance But there are three or four feet pin is also possible in which 1 or 2 are no actual function of camouflage).PA3534U-1BAS

■ lithium battery and charger

In Nokia battery, for example, when the battery voltage saturation circuit board will be automatically reduced by the 4.2V 3.7V, when you plug in the phone load, it automatically jumps back to saturation operating voltage of 4.2V, so can protect the battery and cell phone growth life. Self with "multimeter" Check 1,4 feet, to confirm whether the saturation voltage of 4.2V, 4.1V and if less than normal and standby time is shorter, it may mean that your battery or charger has a problem.

What to buy lithium to pay attention

1. There is no clearly marked "capacity":

No clearly labeled capacity (such as 1000mAh or 1000 milliamp hour) battery, it is likely that the use of "bad battery" or "recycle" (second-hand dolly used abroad, smuggled and then with the new shell packaging); this Both cell phones are harmful, many on the market is flooded with cheap batteries, is the use of recycled batteries heart to do, the price is cheap, but "life is short", "quality is unstable" inadvertent use may damage your phone!

2. There is no guarantee that "standby time":

"Standby time" that is, until the next time charge of continuous use battery into the phone. Generally commercially available batteries are unable to guarantee customer waiting time, it is because the quality of the relationship between the battery unstable; many inexpensive battery of poor quality because it is using a dolly, so make it short between standby.

Some salesperson did not know the actual capacity of lithium batteries, just casually dictation, and he is incapable to quality control check, they wantonly up in market trafficking. The salesman can not guarantee "standby time", it means the battery can not be guaranteed not to use "bad battery" or "recycle"!

3. Whether the installation of "safety protection circuit board":

No "protection circuit board", the fear of lithium "deformation, leakage, explosion" # dangerous vicious price competition in, each seeking a lower price protection circuit board, or simply omit this device so the market Explosion hazard has on filled with a lithium battery. "Protection circuit" consumers can not identify from the appearance out of the business entirely to rely on dictation, you must choose a reputable business to buy.ASUS N61J battery





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