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According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported on October 18, many government and car makers around the world are pushing the development of electric vehicles, but they face a huge obstacle in common: large batteries high production costs, it is difficult to cut, accounting for the entire more than half the cost of the car.HP Envy 17 battery

Whether the industry or government officials believe that, with the rapid growth of sales of electric vehicles, the battery will be more low cost. However, a large number of scientists and automotive engineers, however, took the opposite view. In their view, with different tires and toaster, the battery pack and do not enjoy the advantages of economies of scale of production.

Experts say will lead to mass production of battery-related metal prices remain high, even in the short term will be increased. Prices of electronic components and related accessories battery in the short term can not be dropped.

The US Energy Department plans in 2014, the battery cost down to 70 percent in 2009 when.

Battery technology researchers at Carnegie Mellon University Jay Whitacre said in the interview said that the Government's target is the direction of our efforts, but in recent 3--5 years is impossible to achieve this goal, at least take 10 years.

The high cost of the battery is priced at $ 33,000 to make the Leaf profits, even if it received a $ 7,500 federal tax credit. Nissan in terms of the price of the battery pack is not to do too much comment, but said the first generation of the Leaf does not have any profit at all. Only when the 2013 mass production to achieve cell elements, the only profitable at all.Inspiron N5010 battery

Nissan believes they can reduce battery costs by expanding production scale. Turkish soil in wheat that Nissan is building an annual capacity of 200,000 battery manufacturing plant.

Johnson Controls Battery head Alex Molinaroli battery production costs to be reduced by half within five years of confidence. "As one of the world's largest battery manufacturers, we will improve management efficiency, reduce waste and cut down on administrative costs cut costs, rather than to make a fuss in the research and development costs." Alex Molinaroli said.Inspiron 15R battery

But some scientists and car manufacturers are not so confident. Because more than 30% of the cost of the battery from a metallic material, such as nickel, manganese, cobalt (only a small part of lithium metal constituting the material.)

A report released in early Academy of Sciences suggested that the price of metallic materials will not end with the expansion of cell production decreases, but because of increased demand pushed up. The report said that from 2000 to 2008, the cost of computers and mobile phones lithium battery production declined by 35 per cent, but in recent years the price has not then continue to decline.

Major Institute and Toyota have claimed objective of US energy sector is not feasible. A specialized research cell production costs Academic Research Consortium indicated that they would cut in half the cost of at least 20 years 3--5 years can not be done. It is reported that this association of 12 academic experts in the field of battery components.ThinkPad T60 Battery

It reported that the cost of the battery enclosure accounted for a major portion of the total cost of the battery, and almost no downside. In addition, an electronic sensor voltage battery contains control and regulation of the electronic transport controller battery heat. These electronic products have a production scale, and then expand the scale of the decline in the cost of little effect.

Senior manager at a battery manufacturing plant, said battery assembly workers labor costs are relatively high because of the high-pressure job they need to receive more training than the average worker, business more mastery. This means that labor costs are difficult to come down this one.

Toyota CEO and global chief engineer also believes that based on the experience in the nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium battery prices will they dropped deep suspicion. Battery advisory body responsible Menahem Anderman said, "even in the next 10 years, it is difficult to achieve a substantial reduction in the cost of batteries. To allow the battery to meet the reliable, safe, long-lasting standard, we do not know how much more still needs to invest now wanted to achieve the cost-cutting, which will certainly be before the three standards have a negative impact. "E6400 battery





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